There are many progressive clinics within the Innovative Veterinary Solutions (IVS) veterinary group. Whether you are looking for a short-term or long-term externship, IVS has opportunities available in six states. Expand the list by species to view the veterinary clinics offering externships. Read some testimonies from externs below!

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Thanks to Innovative Veterinary Solutions for sponsoring the Ohio State University vet students at the American Association of Swine Veterinarians conference in Nashville, TN. “It was a valuable conference for many of us.”

Veterinary Student Externship Testimonies


"The most important lesson I learned would be to stay persistent and consistent during difficult situations, like a dystocia, to get the best outcome."

"My advice would be to say what you would like to see during your externship and it just might happen!  But also let them know your goals and they will help you the best way they can to achieve them."

- Whitney

"My favorite experience was assisting in my first barn C-section. The doctors used me heavily throughout the procedure and taught me how to suture the skin closed." 

"Don't be afraid to ask to help. If you want specific experiences, ask and the doctors will help you tremendously."

- Nicole


"My favorite quote is, 'Do something every day that scares you.' As a vet, this is so important. Don't be afraid to do things out of your comfort zone, that is how you learn and get better. Do a variety of externships and clinics and take it all in."

- Makenna

"My most memorable experience was, being dropped off and assisting with the mesenteric torsion while I was here."

- Wade