why join ivs

IVS membership will allow you more success and sustainability in your practice by partnering with other industry leaders in livestock production and companion animal medicine. Here are a few points to consider when deciding if IVS is right for your practice.

  • Networking - Knowledge from others in the group
    • Veterinarian or Medicine Based
    • Practice Tips
    • Practice Management
    • Input of Problem Solving
    • Useful Protocols
  • Enable Independent Veterinary Clinics a Path to Sustainability
    • Allows you to tap into skill and talent at other clinics in our network
    • Gaining a competitive edge on corporate or your competition
  • You will gain the power of a large group without losing independence
    • Purchasing power
    • Access to manufacturers and distributors making you more relevant

To learn more details about our partnership and how it will benefit you, please fill out the short form below and our management team will reach out to you: