Lodi Veterinary Care


Lodi Veterinary Care is a leader in companion animal medicine, surgery, emergency, and wellness care. Our veterinary health care team is dedicated to you and your pets. We offer 24 hour care for your horse. From pleasure to performance, our goal is to provide the highest quality of progressive veterinary services for all levels of horsemanship. Our livestock team combines a broad spectrum of experience and expertise to help you meet the health, welfare, and production goals for your animals.

Dr. Mike Etter
Dr. Scott Pertzborn
Dr. Bob Steiner
Dr. Jason Kroll
Dr. Elizabeth Endres
Dr. Montana Lins
Dr. Kaylee Anderson
Dr. Ellen Launstein
Dr. Raul Landeo
Dr. Dave Kolb
Dr. Corrine McKittrick
Dr. Laura Wagner

Dr. Kathryn Livesey
Dr. Dean Meyer
Dr. Emily Lockard
Dr. Jon Mason
Dr. K.C. Brooks
Dr. Amanda Szal
Dr. Ali Schreiner
Dr. Nathan Maier
Dr. Liam Thomas-Clevenger
Dr. Claiborn Lins
Dr. Lorena Galvis
Dr. Savannah Brauer

To learn more about Lodi Veterinary Care, visit their website at www.lodivet.com.