Stateline Veterinary Service, Inc.


We are a full-service clinic in one friendly & convenient location. Call us for an appointment today!

​We utilize technologically advanced equipment, and our staff is not only knowledgeable about advanced veterinary techniques but also possesses an incredible passion for their work.

SVS - Stateline Doctors
Dr. Joe Severson
Dr. Thomas Strause
Dr. Jake Kuenster
Dr. Kailey Ann McPhail
Dr. Larry Hargarten
Dr. Dagmara Schroeder
Dr. John Kornmann
Dr. Sabina Ponicki
Dr. Dan Gander
Dr. Austin Wenck
Dr. Sam Ruch

JAMC (Janesville Animal Medical Center)
Dr. Julie Johnson
Dr. Abigail Ball
Dr. Valerie Kappes
Dr. Ellen Schneider
Dr. Madison Kapraun

Sugar River Vet Services
Dr. Ellen Schneider
Dr. David Chapman

Kettle View Vet Clinic
Dr. Shari Severson
Dr. Kate Self
Dr. David Mentjes

Animal Clinic of Elkhorn
Dr. Keri Weidman
Dr. Becky Karrels
Dr. Justin Ludwig
Dr. Kate Self

Clinton Vet Clinic
Dr. Shari Severson
Dr. Terry Johnson
Dr. Betsy Schreier

Madison Road Vet Clinic
Dr. Annie Gander
Dr. Betty Lee
Dr. Ray Ibeling
Dr. Savannah Lauer
Dr. Samantha Oldenburg

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